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Manu Admin Mod - Server Admin
« on: February 05, 2011, 10:02:17 pm »
Hey again,
Seems like you've read my last topic on how to host a server, and now you want to know how to kick/ban or see some stuff without using the IW4 console. Guessing you haven't read the title (impossible), I'm going to show you how to install an admin mod called Manu Admin Mod.

So firstly, you want to start off by clicking this link. This is pre-configured for us by Minight.

Ok, you've downloaded the file.. now what?
  • Go into the config folder (adminmod\config\)
  • In the config folder, click on config.cfg - Guessing that you've not read my last tutorial..  open this with Notepad.

Notice that config.cfg has several sections, the titles are addressed in Square Brackets .. eg [main].

Just as the title says, main.. is where you configure the settings to run your admin mod. Lets run through it.

ip = ""
IPv4 address (Internal Address). This can be found by going to Run (XP) and typing 'ipconfig'
port = 28961
The port that the admin detects the server (or 28960 if you're not playing on the computer the server is running on)
logfile = "C:\Documents and Settings\user\My Documents\Modern Warfare 2 - Multiplayer\main\games_mp.log" Where your games_mp.log is generated, this is usually in the main folder. This is generated by your server console. So run your server once or so to automatically generate it.
rconpassword = "qwertyuiop"
rcon password - rcon = remote connection. You don't want random people to send rcon commands.
timezone = "australia/sydney"
I doubt this matters, but oh well.
prefix = "!"
The prefix before your commands. This will tell the server that admin mod is sending a command
language = "en"
language.. I think there's two: en (english) and de (deutch)
antispam = 2
not important, well I've found no difference
logrcon = 1
Logs to help you find what you've done wrong
antistartupbug = "restart"
fixguidrelax = 1
pmprefix = "^1PM: ^2"
When you send a command across to the console via the mod, you will receive a reply from the Console. This will be a personal message [pm]. Change this to call this something else e.g [ADMIN]
responsefailcmds = 0

Make sure the above settings are all correct, without the correct values.. the Admin will not work!

Now the rest of the config.cfg is for you to modify settings up to your taste. Ill go through the common ones that we edit in our server. Discussed in order with the titles in config.

Self-explanatory. If it isnt, you just state the text displayed when someone gets kicked.

The messages displayed when someone joins.
enabled = 0|1 (0 = disabled, 1 = enabled.. this applies everywhere in the config)

banner messages. the stuff you want to say but you'd rather not type out everytime.. this is automatic and can be set from the \adminmod\config\plugins\banner.lst where each line displays another message. Feel free to colour code.


let the admin mod decide what game should be played next. disable this if you dont want this option.

Don't like foul mouths? Enable this. Set words that you feel are bad in the  \adminmod\config\plugins\badwords.lst

Someone going against your server rules? Put them back in line by warning them. enabled = 1

Lag's a ****. Kick the high ping'ers out. my settings are
enabled = 1
maxping = 300
checkinterval = 30
warnstokick = 3
mode = "kick"
kickreason = "Your ping is too high"

dont bother, unless you don't want copies :D

Dont change anything here, nothing interesting.

Again, dont bother.

Want all the players to know how well someone's doing (or opposite)? Enable this.

The spree messages shown when a player gets a certain amount of kills. Incase you choose to edit these and screw up somewhere. The default values are:

Allow your players to vote for a map. Enabled = 1

Restrict certain weapons (hint hint: noobtubes + undermounted shotguns. The codes for these will be in the comments)

displayed when someone types !stats .. this displays their stats on the server.


We all hate team-killers (im soz if you dont) Enable = 1

Short forms for longer commands. Eg !kick = !k



Allow players to vote. Note Votemap would be useless without this.

The rest is insignificant.

Save all your changes (backup before saving if needed).
This is all the configuration needed to your config.cfg. WE ARE NOT DONE!  You need to set yourself as an admin!

Maneuver yourself to adminmod\config\admins.cfg (open in notepad if its not set as a default tool yet)
In order to set yourself as admin you will need your GUID. All of us have specific XUID's.. and you need one so that the admin mod will recognise you as admin. Add yourself first in the following template.

[11000016ayd9840]         <-- Place XUID here. MUST BE within the square brackets... and thats not my real xuid.
group = "master"              <-- Can do anything to the server.
names = "iced*KillSwitch" <-- Your ingame name.
protected = 1                    <--Protected from kicks/bans/warns.

To find your XUID.
Deathmax's XUID tool


NOW its done. Run this after turning your IW4 (Server) on. Hopefully everything will be alright.

This was lengthy, but in fact its really easy. Its only lengthy because I chose to go indepth in explaining the config. Hit me or Minight up on xfire if you're unsure about anything.

Some known Errors that MAY occur, if you did this incorrectly include:
Server is not Running.
Solution: No Brainer. Wait for you server to Load a map, or your server isnt Running

Rcon Connection not Valid:
This is an Issue Split into 3 Parts:r
1. You have entered the Wrong internal ip, your server May have a Non static Ip and changed the internal Ip.
2. You Have the wrong port. You didnt config the server.cfg right or the iw4.exe right OR a General error that may occur randomly.
3. You have the wrong rcon password. Check your Server.cfg for the rcon password you set and COPY THE CASE ASWELL!!! IT IS CASE SENSITIVE!!!.

Solutions to Errors 1 and 2. Goto your Server Console. And Type "findexternalip".
this should display a few things. e.g.
Internal IP:
External IP:
using the Internal ip, copy that into your Config.cfg Where it asks for your server Ip and Password.

A Mysql error that i cant identify.
This error has occured once or twice.
Solution: None at the moment. it has been undefined. If there is any error with this. Ask the AiW Forums.

Game Not recognized:
Solution: You clearly didnt read the guide 3 times, or used the provided config. This error is caused by you Having a Manu Admin mod version 11.3 or Lower. Which wasn't the latest, configured for AiW. So Probably Ask Killswitch or Minight for some help on xfire.


Edit 1: Minight: Added the Errors Section
Edit 2: Iced-KillSwitch: Fixed broken link.
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Re: Manu Admin Mod - Server Admin
« Reply #1 on: February 13, 2011, 05:01:01 pm »
Error Fix: Dvar 'sv_log_damage' must be equal to 1, current: 1 when running Manu-Admin Mod.

  • Open up server.cfg
  • Add the line set sv_log_damage 1
  • Place this after "set g_log "games_mp.log" // game log file"
  • Save server.cfg
  • Run (or restart) your server and Manu Admin Mod.

If anything still seems weird, I can provide my server.cfg upon request. Click here to download (xfire: prodeceit)
Thanks to Comkid for this fix.
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Re: Manu Admin Mod - Server Admin
« Reply #2 on: April 16, 2011, 02:07:03 pm »
Nice tut. although your link for the XUID is broken :P

*cough* i believe that the manu mod php folder was configured by me *cough*
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